Congratulations Eve on being recognized by CHAI Works as a Chai Champion!
This year CHAI Works recognized “eighteen individuals or organizations that are extraordinary advocates for people with disabilities. Our community is blessed with many who support and embrace our clients and others with disabilities, foster their growth, give them opportunities to live full, meaningful, and independent lives, and celebrate their accomplishments. We are excited to honor their contributions.”

Eve’s most recent interview on Myndtalk with Dr. Pamela Brewer is an eye opening discussion about the past, present, and future of Voice Colors and Billy’s journey. You can listen to the podcast below!

All Individuals, Even Nonverbal Individuals are Communicators: An Interview with Eve Megargel with Kate Swenson from Finding Coopers Voice.

Read the interview here!

Eve Megargel shares the story of her son, Billy, a non-verbal artist on the                autism spectrum in an interview with Catherine Pascuas

Listen to the interview here!

CaregiverCrossing has Eve Megargel back for a two-part interview. They talk about Caring for a Child with Autism and Behavioral Outbursts as a form of communication. Both parts are available to listen to below!

Very Well interviews Eve Megargel for their article: How to Get High Quality Medical Care for Your Autistic Child. 

“Unfortunately, it can be a major challenge for people on the autism spectrum to get the medical treatment they need—even when they are verbal and engaged. It’s even harder for someone who is non-verbal, or whose behaviors appear to be out of control or violent.

Fortunately, there are some specific steps parents and caregivers can take to ensure that medical care for autistic loved ones doesn’t require a battle!”

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Local news station, ABC, spotlights Billy in his art-studio for their 5 for Good segment.

CaregiverCrossing does a two-part interview with Eve Megargel about her book, Learning to Kiss.

What a wonderful collaboration between ArtLifting and FedEx! This video features Billy and other artists who have found empowerment through art.
To see more of Billy’s work follow WMMArtGallery on Facebook and Instagram or head  to

Mr. Dad podcast talks with Eve Megargel about her experience as a mother during a time when information about autism was scarce and developing communication systems for her son, Billy, that promotes independence.

The podcast is available here on

WellesleyWeston Magazine interviewed Eve Megargel about her book, Learning to Kiss, and dedication to advocating for her son, Billy. The article can be found here on on page 166. 

ISAAC’s Blog Highlights Learning to Kiss.

Billy Megargel is a non-verbal young man with autism. He is also an accomplished artist, a budding musician, and a self-fulfilled adult. Learning to Kiss is Billy’s remarkable story, beautifully written by his mother, Eve. See full post here!

Easterseals Sits Down with Eve Megargel for a Q&A. 

“Today Billy is an artist, musician, and athlete. What can Billy’s experiences teach us?

Every individual deserves respect as a communicator regardless of the modality.
Every individual expresses purposeful and important messages.
Every individual’s personal growth exceeds all others expectations.”

See the full interview here!

Popular Canadian Morning News Broadcast Interviews Eve Megargel. Here is more about the interview and autism.

Washington DC’s local news station WUSATV, interviews Eve to hear about her book and creative son, Billy.


Quote from Chritine Viggiano who attended Eve’s presentation at The Center for Autism in Pennsylvania

“The Center for Autism was fortunate to host Eve Megargel for a discussion of her book, Learning to Kiss.  Her insights regarding her efforts to  advocate for her son as an artist and as a person with autism navigating the medical system were compelling and thought provoking.  In addition, her determination in addressing the development of Billy’s skills as a non-verbal communicator was of great interest to the audience.   Eve was good enough to bring the device that Billy now uses to communicate, and it was interesting to have the opportunity to ask what communication systems were implemented in the past to bring him to this point.  As a center that has about 40% of their early childhood population using some type of augmentative communication system it was great to see what potential can be reached.” – Christine Viggiano, MA, CCC, Speech and Language Pathologist at The Center for Autism Pennsylvania

Blogger Cafemom named Eve Megargel one of 14 Badass Moms Who Prove Motherhood & Activism Go Hand-in-Hand

“To say Eve Megargel is passionate about the autism community would be an understatement. Mother to Billy (Eve’s nonverbal and severely autistic son), Megargel has dedicated the last two decades to finding ways to help him become an independent communicator. Needless to say, it paid off. Thanks to Mom’s help, Billy paints, loves composing music, and can show you a thing or two as a yogi. Eve is now a part of Voice Colors® Communication Resource Model that empowers those on the autism spectrum to develop and strengthen methods of communicating that, in turn, make social interactions more practical and easier” See full article here!

“Portrait of an Artist” article is now out in Real Simple Magazine’s July issue. It is a celebration for non-verbal communicators everywhere! Read the article here.

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Trailer for a film that highlights Billy’s independent self expression in movement!


NECN News Segment Featuring Eve and Billy Megargel. Click here to view the clip on


Q & A with Debora Kahl of and Eve Megargel author of Learning to Kiss.

Q: Why did you decide to write this book, and what do you hope readers take away from it?

A: It’s multifaceted. When Billy got very ill and developed all kinds of medical issues, it unfolded over five to six years. Toward the end of that, I felt this incredible story of Billy’s courage and joy and the different emotions he experienced and the communication he conveyed [should be shared].”

Read the entire interview here.